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Getting people excited & engaged about your business

We provide state of the art learning about how our sector - and of course your business - works.
Face-to-face, Online and by eLearning - with a customised blend to suit your people.
Development simulation - Demo
M2M simulation demo pic 2020.png

An online, collaborative product development simulation / business game.

Molecules to Markets - Micro site
M2M site pic 2020.png

An education program that has run successfully in 17 countries across 4 continents!

Note: our demos are hosted on the site of our technology partner 

Case Study

We were asked by a multi-national Pharma to develop a product development simulation to run within a global first-line leadership class for high-potential staff. The aims were to enhance critical business knowledge across professionals from every part of the organisations; also to provide realistic challenges in team decision exercises, where business acumen and leadership performance could be experienced.

This program ran for many years with great feedback. Many reported how real were the challenges presented to them and the power of the exercises to generate powerful insights on their behaviours with a team under pressure to deliver.

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