Making Projects and Cross Function Teams fully effective

We can help you to build project teams' capability to work across boundaries, manage risk, assess decision issues, problem solve - and learn from experience

For our consulting work in this area we frequently work in partnership with Phetairos

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Intro to Project management - Demo

A eLearning package for people new to PM. Designed for Informa/ OneNucleus. Open demo

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Note: our demos are hosted on the site of our technology partner konnka.com 

Case study

We were asked to run several workshops for international product development teams, in a global Pharma company. These focused principally around decision process, where the cross-functional groups were considering different options for ongoing work toward launch.

One team arrived, presenting an issue which had been debated for c. 3 months, with much cross-Atlantic email, still unresolved. Focusing the team on a systematic analysis of the situation, focusing on the overall purpose, success criteria, then facilitating calm listening to each protagonist, unearthing clearly what was not understood - helped break through.

A decision was made actually at the workshop - in some 2 hours!