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Building successful Alliances & Partnerships

Making partnerships thrive and truly deliver their expected value is a key challenges for the 2020's
For our work in this area we partner with an expert consultancy - Orca Partnership
Partnering eLearning - Demo
partnering elearning demo pic.png
Alliance toolkit - Demo
partnering toolkit GUI.png

Note: our demos are hosted on the site of our technology partner 

Case Study

We were asked by an EU based Pharma company to develop a partnering awareness and skills program. Alliance success was critical to their future, and they needed to build a partnering-oriented approach across their major functions. We designed a blended program consisting of an eLearning primer, an action-based workshop, plus a series of webinar follow up topic sessions. 

Feedback was excellent and showed immediate results. Every participant had implemented a recommended relationship or problem-solving technique into the partnerships that they were associated with .. and/or had shifted their thinking toward a more partner-friendly, listening/questioning approach to conflicts.

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