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About Us

We are passionate about collaboration in organisations, particularly in pharma / life science. Working with us on any aspect of that, is easy and reliable. We are relaxed and friendly; Inclusive - if you have development work going on currently, we will align with it; Responsive - we know things change, sometimes at the last minute - we can cope with that; Enthusiastic - you and your people will find us keen and cheerful, whatever.

Dr Ralph White

Ralph is a qualified pharmacist and PhD in Neuroscience. He began his career in research within the Wellcome Foundation (now GSK). With the introduction of formal project management into Pharma R&D in the late 1980's, he was appointed as an international project manager. Toward the end of his GSK career he was attached to Learning & Development, looking a effectiveness of matrix teams. He left the company to set up PPMLD and has worked as an independent since then. With John he has delivered training and consulting to clients worldwide. Ralph remains connected to current life science work - he works voluntarily for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and also sits on a clinical Ethics Committee in London. He sits on the committee of the Pharmaceutical Industry Project Management Group (PIPMG)

John Faulkes

John began his career as a scientist within the Diagnostics subsidiary of Wellcome. He changed careers, moving into training/human resources, ending up as a development business partner in the 1990's. John left to set up his own business and has been independent ever since. He works as a trainer, consultant and coach with a variety of industry sectors, but spends the majority of time working with Ralph in PPMLD, in Pharma / Lifesciences. He is a regular author of journal articles and posts on topics of project leadership, teamworking, alliances and partnerships. 

He has delivered successful development for cross-function project team structures as well as across business partnerships - alliances and outsourced CRO work.

Our Clients

We have provided consulting advice, run projects and/or training programs for:

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